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Meeting Robert Sheehan.

Jun. 19th, 2013 | 11:49 pm

Monday, 17th October, 2011.

I'd gone to the Old Vic in London to see Playboy of the Western World, probably my favourite play of all time, and with Robert Sheehan, Ruth Negga and Niamh Cusack starring it was an opportunity not to be missed!
Everything about the play was flawless, the performances, the set, costumes, music, just superb, and as it was my first time in the Old Vic (and I'm a theatre whore!) I was over-awed by the building and all the history it holds. So I was wandering around in pure Heaven!
When the show was over I did not want to leave, I wanted to soak up as much as I could of my surroundings. I headed into The Pit bar, bought a drink and sat down to read the programme. One of the articles in it was written by an old lecturer of mine from uni, coincidence!
I was sitting near the steps which lead down from the stage-door side of the building. I began to recognise some of the actors as they came into the bar. I really was not expecting Robbie to come in as it was a Monday night and he'd just given a v energetic performance, I thought he would have gone home to bed!
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw red skinny jeans bouncing down the steps. I did not have to look up, I knew who it was! He moves very quickly and literally bounces around the place, like a happy child! He also has a way of crossing his feet when he stands, don't know why I noticed that, maybe because it's just a Robbie thing! He is very tall, and incredibly skinny, all arms and legs, but somehow not in an awkward way. He smiles constantly and he frequently jumped up to hug and kiss people who came into the bar. His eyes sparkled, even from across a room. He looked so young, if I hadn't known I would have guessed maybe sixteen, he had such a boyish little face!
He sat at the table next to mine with four other people. He talked a lot, and told stories, was very funny and relaxed. The others in his company were quiet; he was doing most of the talking. He was wearing a long black cardigan with a hood and a very short t-shirt, actually more of a belly-top, yummy! I also remember he crossed his knees and fiddled with the top of his socks! (They had a cartoon character on them, like Dora The Explorer?)He was drinking a pint of Guinness. I heard him talking about The Three Muskateers movie which new out then. He couldn't remember the name of the main actor (Logan Lerman) but he laughed and said "he looks like a girl"! None of his friends said anything (perhaps because Robbie also looks like a girl!) he must have thought of that himself because he laughted and said "or maybe I'm just jealous!"
I had finished my second drink and I couldn't sit there all night (ease-dropping as I was!) so I got up and went over to him. He looked up a little surprised so I said something like "I'm sorry to intrude, I just wanted to congratulate you on your performance tonight, you were amazing." He was all smiles, shook my hand and kept thanking me for saying that. He was genuinely humble about it, as if no-one had ever praised him before! He was still sitting down so I hunkered down by his knee as I was conscious of leading over him with my boobs in his face!. Thank God his friends began to politely talk amongst themselves. So I said something like " This evening has been well worth the flight" He asked "Was that from ... Belfast?" People often think I have a Belfast accent, but I really don't! I said "No, Derry" and asked him if he'd ever been there. He said he hadn't thought he has a few friends there, he said he'd been to Belfast many times but he'd never been over to the other side of the North.(He has since visited, I smiled when I read that!) He then asked if I was staying in London for a while. I told him I had just come over for the play and was travelling up to Glasgow in the morning. He said something like "Oh lovely, so it's like an express tour of the UK?" There was so much I wanted to say (like "I've loved you since Red Riding!") but my mind was going blank so I just said I had to go and congratulated him again, and he thanked me for coming over. He's really friendly and lovely and when we were speaking he was gazing into my eyes. He's a very intense person, and strikes me as very intelligent, and no picture I have ever seen does justice to the beauty of his eyes, they are green and gold.
When I went outside I'm pretty sure I walked into a wall! I'm not in the habit of approaching famous people and I'll admit I did feel like a bit of a dick for doing it but on the other hand it felt like a lovely opportunity had been handed to me so it would have been foolish to pass it up.
So thats my Robbie story fellow fangirls!
When I think back on it now it feels kinda surreal, because less than a month later my mum died after a long illness. But during those God-awful long nights sitting in the hospital I often thought about the Old Vic, the Playboy and of course meeting Robbie! It gave me a reason to smile. xx

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Aug. 11th, 2010 | 02:25 am
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