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10 February
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60s music, artic monkeys, computers, dh lawrence, family, friends, george rr martin, irish music, kittehs, life., literature, lord of the rings, lou reed, movies, nature, oscar wilde, partying, people, pizza, poetry, politics, reading, red wine, sean bean, shakespeare, shameless, sharpe, shoes, sleeping, smoking, snowpatrol, theatre, viggo mortensen, vintage clothing
I'm 36, live in the north of Ireland. Love my friends, my cats, my laptop. Spend way too much time online, love my Sharpe box-set and own (almost)all of Viggo Mortensen's back catalogue . Read a lot, am a "Song of Ice and Fire" and "Lord of the Rings" geek. Have a rock n' roll heart(love Lou Reed), but enjoy all music, am constantly singing/humming. Have two cats, Cookie and Muffin, who are just the sweetest things. Like poetry and theatre a lot, act a little, write a little. Love the outdoors and wild unexplored places. I guess I'd describe myself as a happy, hippie chick!